I was born in Indianapolis, IN, and spent the first few years of my life helping my dad grow Christmas trees and apples. We left the farm and moved south to Raleigh, NC, where I focused on developing life skills like catching Pokemon in the grass and jumping over creeks while swordfighting (and school, I suppose).

I went to Duke University, studied mechanical engineering, graduated cum laude in 2016, and then jumped into software engineering in Silicon Valley.

These Days

I live in San Francisco. I've recently starting working at Dropbox - my team works on sharing-related features. Here's how I spent my time coding.

You can check out some of my side projects (including this website) on my personal GitLab deployment. Right now I'm interested in devops, monitoring, and Kubernetes workflows, and am starting to dabble in 3D graphics as well.

Outside of programming, I fill up my time reading, hiking, and re-reading Lord of the Rings too many times.